60 day Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee and Refunds
Please note to be considered eligible for a refund for The Whole Life Challenge and or Lifeline you must complete the entire program and can only request the refund after this time (6-weeks or 42 days). Refunds are not given because you changed your mind, found the plan unsuitable, did not have access to the required equipment, found the plan confusing, had a technical issue or did not like the challenge in general. In other words, refunds are given if you complete the full program and do not reach realistic goals. These terms are without exception and a refund request outside of these requirements will not be processed. In order to process your refund if you complete the challenge, you must have entered scores daily in the Whole Life Challenge player scoreboard every week of the 6-weeks. For Lifeline you must have communicated with your Lifeline coach during the challenge, attended one weekly group huddle each week, and been active in the private group This refund policy is the standard terms for online, digital products. Unlike physical products, once you have purchased this product you will have instant access to the files and can not return them. Please do not contact us for a refund if you have not tried the challenge for the full time listed above and scored yourself daily in the players area or we will not process the refund. All refund requests can be submitted to support@wholelifechallenge.com. Please note, refunds that do not conform to all the terms listed above will not be processed.

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