Whole Life Challenge
Get A Chef's Guidance In Your Kitchen Each Month
Eliminate the guess work with Michael's simple to follow plans and videos to have delicious meals, quickly and easily, based on the principles you trust from The Whole Life Challenge
1. Weekly Meal Plans
Michael guides you every two weeks thru brand new WLC content (videos, meal plans and recipes) specifically for those weeks. A dead-simple plan. No fluff. No junk. No confusion.
2. Easy-to-Make Recipes
Michael make it easy. Every recipe in his meal plans is so simple that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or shop for weird hard to pronounce ingredients.
3. Step by Step Guide And Videos
Along with each meal, you get from Michael an easy-to-follow shopping list that you can bring along to the grocery store so you know exactly what to get and save even more time.
All of these plans have been designed and written by the WLC HQ staff overseen by Michael (who's a certified chef) and Andy, so they meet our rigorous standards because you deserve the best for you and your family.
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Want Delicious Party Food
Want Veggies To POP With Flavor
Want WLC Compliant Italian
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How The Whole Life Challenge Meal Plan Academy Works
Watch This Video From Your Certified Chef Guide, Michael Stanwyck,  Co-Founder Of The WLC
Expert support and chef guidance for your first WLC, post WLC, and beyond!
Get A Chef's Guidance In Your Kitchen Each Month
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No clue where to start learning to cook because you're not a "foodie"? Not Wolfgang Puck?

With Michael's WLC Meal Plan Academy as your Chef Coach, 
you WILL succeed at healthy cooking. 

From the kitchen of Michael Stanwyck
Santa Monica, CA

If you could put a camera in the average home of a family trying to eat healthier here is what you would see:

-  Fights over what to have for dinner  because nobody can agree on what they like to eat

- Bored faces staring at the same meal they eat every day because they don't know what else to make

- Crazy amounts of money burned on takeout orders because everyone's tired from work and you "just can't tonight"

- Spoiled food in the fridge because you forgot it was there and how you were planning to use it - don't know what to do with it cuz don't know what to with it

It doesn't have to be this hard!

In fact cooking SHOULDN'T be hard. 

It should be fun and it should be as uncomplicated as possible.

Struggling with good food choices is the biggest reason, by far, people join the WLC.

I get it.

You don't need to get that fancy to making cooking your friend.

Here's the key:

Dinner shouldn't feel like a performance. You're not competing on a produced cooking show.

Cooking at home is about putting healthy food on the table.

That's it.

It really is that simple. 

Let's throw out all that stress and drama and I'll teach you how to cook nourishing meals that WON'T stress you out but WILL make your family happy.

Imagine routinely making great, healthy, meals in under 20 minutes.

Imagine actually enjoying the process of preparing what you put on the table each night, not "just getting through it". 

Imagine cooking transforming from a "chore" to a pleasant part of your daily routine.

I've worked hard and created an unique environment that will empower you to take charge of making your own healthy meals.... NOT just follow some boring checklist:

It's called the Whole Life Challenge Meal Plan Academy, and it's designed specifically for YOU.

I won't understate it; THIS IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!

I've worked hard to create amazingly tasty meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and video series where I...

1) eliminate the frustration of decision making to make cooking fun

2) lay out clear plans that you can easily follow

3) Give you a ton of time-saving shortcuts to uncomplicated the kitchen.

Get ready, because your entire relationship with your family meals is about to change!

As the co-founder of the worlds best healthy habit plan (The Whole Life Challenge) join me in bringing JOY to one of the most important 7 Daily Habits: Nutrition.'

- Michael
Expert support and chef guidance for your first WLC, post WLC, and beyond!
Expert support and guidance for your first WLC, post WLC, and beyond!
Here's What To Expect:
Less time shopping with our shopping lists

You'll be able to source and shop for the exact items you need to cook healthy, tasty meals FASTER. No more confusion with the dreaded "is it compliant" question.
Tastier plates with our meal plans

You'll be able to have every meal you prepare taste better. We know one of the challenges with eliminating processed foods is the fear of sacrificing taste. The videos you get will show you exactly how to prepare food to make your tastebuds sing.
Better results year round with our support videos

With the blueprint to cook meals faster, taste better, you're set up to keep to the plan you set out on during the WLC and after. Keep the results you worked hard to earn.

Who are the founders of the WLC Meal Plan Academy?
Andy Petranek
Michael Stanwyck
All of these plans have been created and approved by Whole Life Challenge Co-founders Michael (who's a certified chef) and Andy because you deserve the best for you and your family.
Free Bonus: 
In Your kitchen"
Set Your Kitchen Up The RIGHT way
This is one of the most asked about topics: 
"What do I need to have in my kitchen to make tasty meals the WLC way?" 
So we decided to add this fun bonus PDF to help you out: Michael is giving you - FOR FREE - his "top 10" list of must-have tools in you kitchen so you can set yourself up for a successful lifetime of healthy, tasty cooking!

It will forever be easier to prepare food at home because 
you'll have the tools for everything from snacking to multiple ingredient recipes.
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Have Michael Guide You Every Week
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  • Weekly Plans for 3 delicious meals
  • Weekly Recipes to eliminate guessing
  • Private Video Membership Area to access your videos
  • 1 video monthly from Michael with is favorite technique tips showing you how achieve the taste you want from your meals
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*cancel at any time and you won't be charged after that point
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  • Everything the monthly plan gets 
  • PLUS invite to a quarterly LIVE cooking class with Michael
  • PLUS: Seasonal "Survive Shopping" Videos from the store, farmers market and other sources
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your experience matters to us.
Our promise to you is that you'll have the plans to make tastier meals, faster and easier than ever before.
How do I get my meal plan and videos delivered?
You'll be notified via email every two weeks to grab your new content in the members only area in the VIP Membership site.
Are they customized?
They are NOT customized.
What if I can't have an ingredient you suggest due to being allergic?
Obviously your health comes first so do not use anything you already know you are allergic to.
I want to save money, can I start on a smaller program and upgrade and still save later on?
100% yes, in fact it's easy to upgrade. Simply message the WLC HQ staff and we'll send you directions to upgrade your program to the level you feel is best for you.
I want to do the quarterly "main course" choice, but what if I can't make the private webinar?
Your membership gives you access to private content from each webinar that's recorded. You'll get notified the following days that your exclusive webinar is ready in your private members area. 
Do I have to be playing the Whole Life Challenge or even a client to get this?
No. The WLC MPA is designed to give you support DURING the WLC and any time after. Michael's made this to integrate with your normal life easily.
I see I can get this for free if I refer people I know. How do I do that?
After you sign up you'll get a special invite on the thank you page to send out to your friends via Facebook messenger which tracks everything. You'll be notified as each friend signs up and when you get to your 3rd person you'll get notified via messenger and then email instructions on how to redeem your reward. We THANK YOU already for sharing this!
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